Have a gym membership but never use it? Hit a plateau? Need nutrition guidance? Live outside Colorado Springs? Save money & time! Working with me as your Fitness Coach ensures you maximize your efforts AND get results!

Nichole Rae has lost more than 125 pounds and has dedicated her life to helping others with their fitness goals! She has been in the health and fitness industry for more than 13 years and trains a range of clients.

Fascia is the most prevalent tissue in the body yet the least understood by your doctor or therapist. Performed on a massage table & developed to improve performance, fascial stretch therapy is pain-free, cumulative, & works!

“actionwrX approaches health and wellness concerns with socially innovative business practices. I believe in personal and collective responsibility, and my mission is to empower the individual for long-term success. Having lost over 125 pounds I am able to provide honest, effective and proven solutions, and I ground my approach in the principles of compassion, integrity and perseverance.”

Nichole Rae

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