Not all people are the same & therefore their approach to whole-health shouldn't be the same. Fitness Coaching is a cost-effective, efficient alternative to personal training & can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Shorten your curve to success. Learn what exercises are best for your body and your goals. Get help with proper form and technique and reduce the risk of injury. Remember, personal training should be PERSONAL!

Stretch therapy is performed on a massage table fully clothed. Objective - to manipulate all layers of the fascia in order to restore mobility & improve performance. An alternative to massage, this technique is cumulative.

“actionwrX approaches health and wellness concerns with socially innovative business practices. I believe in personal and collective responsibility, and my mission is to empower the individual for long-term success. Having lost over 125 pounds I am able to provide honest, effective and proven solutions, and I ground my approach in the principles of compassion, integrity and perseverance.”

Nichole Rae