Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

Ask just about anyone starting an exercise routine why they’re doing it & they’ll respond, “to lose weight!” Please allow me to illuminate some of the benefits from exercising…and, yes, weight loss is one of them, but we DON’T want to lose muscle weight. Unfortunately that is what millions of “diet bound” Americans lose when they lose “weight”. So many people engage in a work out program, viewing it simply as a trip from point A to point B, starting at a certain weight & ending at a weight that’s less than when they started. However, the industry is plagued by companies that promise the “silver bullet” and the fact that clean nutrition and hard work is rarely incorporated in their “breakthrough & revolutionary” product; therefore, setting up the dieter to lose more muscle then body fat and inevitably lowering their metabolism! The truth of the matter is that the long-term goal of fat loss is exactly that, a long-term goal. Simply put, the fat that we’ve put on over the past week, month, or even year, wasn’t put on overnight! So, how can we expect it to come off overnight? People have a difficult time sticking to something if they don’t see results quickly- hence, the perpetual “fantasy” that supplement companies and equipment manufacturers have been exploiting for decades upon decades…that they have a pill, potion, cream, exercise product or item of clothing that will revolutionize your “weight” loss challenges, making it a snap! So, instead, place your attention on the more immediate attributes of an exercise and nutrition program- feeling better, less stress, & having more energy…and, know that fat loss is merely a side-effect of healthy living.

Nichole Rae

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