Should women lift heavy weights?

Strength-Training-for-WomenThis subject really fuels my crazy! ­čÖé

Go to any gym and you will see over-weight women doing tons of cardio or lifting really light weights doing high reps because some bozo told them they would “bulk up” otherwise. Then you have what is referred to as the “cardio queens” – those women who are rail thin and spend hours doing cardio at ridiculous speeds. Most of these women want to lose body fat. That’s why they are there in the first place. When fat loss is the goal, doing excessive cardio and light weight training (on its own) is a waist of gym time – in my humble opinion.

The common misconception is that if a woman lifts heavy weights, she will “get big!” Not the case. FACT: the┬ámore muscle one builds, the higher the metabolism is raised…the higher the metabolism, the more calories the body burns, 24/7. The size one gets depends on program design and nutrition – NOT whether a woman lifts heavy weights!

So, should women lift heavy weights? YES! ┬áAnd, there is a way to get the body you want without hours and hours of cardio. Combine the right resistance training program with proper diet and you’ve created a fat burning machine that works FOR you rather than against you.

Thank you and hopefully this sheds some light on the issue of women and strength training.

With love and gratitude for you all!

Nichole Rae

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