Exercise Should be Fun – at actionwrX Wilamena helps us along!

You’ve wondered if I’m real. Nichole has blamed me for adding weight to your workout routine, and you thought she was kidding! Well, I’m Wilamena the weight fairy, and it’s fairy nice to meet you!

I’ve decided to introduce myself to you because I’m really not the trouble-maker you think I am. Oh, yes, I guess I’m a bit mischievous… But, Nichole and I usually think you are capable of more than even you think you are. So, I’m here to not only add weight when you’re not looking, but to add some sparkle and fun to your journey as you “keep your story moving.”

Sometimes you’ll see me and sometimes you won’t, but I’m here to encourage you and maybe even cause a little trouble now and then. Next time you can lift more or do more than you thought you could…I’m right there in the joy of that moment with you, and a high-five between you and Nichole just lights me up!

– Wilamena

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