Does whey protein make you fat?

whey-proteinI received an email from a client today asking the question, “Does whey protein make me fat?” She was inspired to inquire due to a post she read on the internet written by a man who claims he has been “wrong all these years for suggesting whey protein to his clients because – whey protein spikes insulin and that makes people fat”.

Below is the response that I wrote to my client…..

“Yes it does spike insulin. Does it make you fat? Well….yes, if you’re living on it and not using it at the correct times and not watching anything else you put in your mouth. I use whey protein post-workout or when I first wake up. On occasion I will use it to replace protein at a meal but rarely under and of these conditions because whole food is always better. 

Do keep in mind that ultimately we want to train the body’s metabolism to speed up so whole food is better and how you combine whey with other foods is also important. 

Learning how to eat for activity and recovery is a process. Keep asking your questions!! “

I will add this….. If you have more than 20 pounds of fat to lose then none of this matters anyway! Just eat whole foods most of the time. Stay away from processed foods, dairy and gluten. ***whey protein doesn’t seem to have the same affect on metabolism as other dairy products. Eat frequent meals about the same time every day and implement an individualized resistance training program. Why resistance training? When fat loss is the goal, lean muscle acquisition is essential. Unless you simply want to “lose weight”, including your precious muscle (which by the way you are losing as we speak if you’re not being proactive), which will ultimately lead to a weakened body, including possible bone density loss AND a SLOWER metabolism! Yes, that’s right! People who focus on “weight loss” rather than “fat loss” end up with slower metabolisms thus creating an environment for regaining the lost weight and then some.

Some of you reading this may have experienced this phenomenon.

What does all this have to do with whey protein? Whey protein is simply a tool to be used and must be implemented properly – not a meal substitute. Many of the quick fix programs today suggest that you use it as a meal substitute and NOT eat regular meals. WHAT?!

There is no ONE way or RIGHT way or even EASY way to lose body fat. I know. I’ve lost more than 125 pounds and kept it off. The ONLY way is slow, steady and consistent. Sorry folks – but that’s the real deal.

Are there other fitness or nutrition subjects that confuse you? I would love to know what they are. Please post them here or contact me directly.

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