YUMMY faux ice cream!

faux-ice-cream_This recipe was inspired by MY training coach John-theStretchDoc-Vigil.  I made a few tweaks to make it even better (in my opinion) 🙂

I LOVE this recipe, and I look forward to it every night. Having something like this that I can enjoy and look forward to every day makes the process of losing body fat a LOT easier. The recipe below makes Strawberry Chocolate, but you can change the fruit or add any other flavors that float your boat. Just remember to keep sugars out of the mix, and berries are your best option as your fruit because they are low-glycemic.

In a blender put 4oz of ice-cold water and 3oz of frozen strawberries and blend. The consistency will be like frozen ice (not liquid). Next add in 1oz of unsweetened, canned coconut milk, 10g of unsweetened raw cacao & 40g-50g of whey protein or casein protein (natural flavors with ZERO additives!), and stevia for sweetener. Blend this mixture until smooth. Should be the consistency of pudding. * note: some protein powders are substantially thicker than others so you may need to adjust the amount of liquid. 

Next transfer the mixture to a small tupperware container and place in the freezer. Every 20 minutes stir the mixture until it is the consistency that you like. I usually let mine freeze for about an hour. You must stir it occasionally or it will stay soupy in the middle and frozen on the edges!

This recipe makes one serving  – enjoy!

Special Note: Casein protein and Native Milk Proteins are great products to use before bed. They take longer to metabolize therefore feeding your lean mass for a substantially longer period of time as you rest! This means holding on to more of the precious lean body mass (muscle) that you are working hard to develop. Here is a direct link to what I use – Native Milk Protein Isolate. You can also just pick something up at your local health food store or vitamin store. Watch for additives and sugars though!

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