If You’re 50+ You Should Read This

1.cover“Decades of research support the fact that much age-related deterioration is the result of the effects of sedentary lifestyles and the development of medical conditions rather than of aging itself. A general tendency toward age-related decline in human organ systems is well documented, including the cardiovascular, pulmonary, renal, neurologic, and musculoskeletal systems. In the musculoskeletal system, bone loses density, the strength and flexibility of muscle decreases, ligaments and tendons exhibit diminished compliance, and the structure of articular cartilage degenerates.” – Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Read more here about what happens to our tissue as we age and become sedentary.

I work with many clients over the age of 50 and the one thing they all have in common is they are over 50! The similarities stop there. They have all had different career types and they have all been active (or not) on different levels. Some suffer from arthritis while others don’t. Some men – some women.

One client for instance is in her late 60’s and skiing stronger than when she was in her late 20’s! She spent her life as a nurse and has always had a taste for an active lifestyle. Hiking, biking and skiing!

And then another client (a pediatrician) who is 70 who can barely bend over and has lost his balance completely because he spent his entire life and career at a desk or standing in one place. He loves golf and has even skied some, BUT the body adapts to that which we do the most. So unfortunately his activity level (and the type of activity) wasn’t conducive to keeping him mobile.

Then we have my 79 year-old who has had double knee replacements and extreme arthritis in her ankles. She works harder and moves better than some of my 30 year olds – because she is motivated to keep her quality of life high.

I see it day in and day out. People who move their bodies on a regular basis have far better health (and quality of life) than those who don’t. Believe me, if you saw what I see you would do whatever you could to keep your body moving. If we are fortunate enough to make it into our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, heed the truth that what we do in our 40’s & 50’s matters greatly! 

The question then becomes, “What is an appropriate amount of exercise and just what does that look like? Walking the dog, yoga, weight training, dancing maybe?”

This is when seeking a personal trainer or fitness coach can be of great benefit. Starting ANY wellness program without having someone who knows what they are doing review your physical history can be a HUGE mistake. Cookie cutter programs don’t take YOU into account and therefore can easily set you up for injury.

And, it’s never too late to start an exercise program! Just take it from Barb S. You can read her story here. 

The bottom line is….what we do today determines our tomorrow. It’s a fact.

In love and respect for you all!

Nichole Rae


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