Surviving Super Bowl Sunday – 3 ways YOU can win today!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and millions of people will be sitting down to cheer for their favorite team AND indulging in sugary and salty treats. This is a wonderful time for many to enjoy friends, family and good food.

HOWEVER – there are also many people who are working  on losing body fat or simply abstaining from the crap that junk food has to offer, and for those of us with this commitment days like today can present a ton of anxiety.

So just how can you take care of yourself in times like these?

FACT – You must choose YOU over all other things.  In your heart you’ve made a commitment (whatever it is) and times like these make keeping that commitment more difficult but this is where your “practice” actually begins.

When it’s easy – its just that – it’s easy and you feel good just cruising along (like what’s so hard about this, right?) until something like the Super Bowl derails you. Once derailed you may struggle to make it back and you likely talk down to yourself for falling short yet again. DON’T SET YOURSELF UP FOR THIS! YOU CAN DO THIS! Your friends and family may or may not support you, BUT I DO –  either way, in times like this you must choose YOU regardless of what is happening around you.

In order to succeed at anything worth while in life we must be willing to work through the hard times – that’s really all their is to work through if you think about it. If losing body fat and getting in shape was easy (and real, permanent fat loss isn’t easy) then the fitness industry would not be a 60 + billion dollar a YEAR industry!

I have found that during these “all you can eat and drink” occasions it is helpful to put some safeguards in place. Here are some things you might try and hopefully get you through the other side of today with self-love and self-respect rather than a food hangover and self-loathing. Someone once told me, “To have self-esteem you must be willing to do esteemable things.” YoureAwesome-Puppy

  1. It’s wise to have SOMEONE, ANYONE who understands what you’re going through to have your back! Choose someone ahead of time that can be your Super Bowl party-tag-team-friend. This person should know what your commitment to yourself is and what you will be faced with today. They should be willing to call or text you immediately if you reach out for help. If you don’t have that “someone” you can text me 719-433-2030 or shoot me an email if you get crazy around the food or drink OR the people 🙂 I am a personal trainer and fitness coach in Colorado Springs with experience in losing a lot of weight and keeping it off. Believe me when I say that I’ve had to learn how to navigate many things to reach my goals.
  2. Have foods available that you can eat. If the party is at your house then hopefully you’ve arranged this already, however; if you’re going to a friends house then you can always take your food with you. I recommend veggies, fruits, hummus, rice cakes and other gluten and dairy free snacks. Also, if you have foods like gluten free crackers and other “healthy” snacks that you find hard to resist (and if you’re honest with yourself you know what they are), then don’t have them around or be sure to have your trusted friend (the one you set in place above) on speed dial!
  3. Another option – Just don’t snack! Snacking is the number one leader to overeating. So if you struggle with this then my suggestion is to have eaten a solid meal before the party OR simply have a “meal” while everyone else is grazing.


I know these options may make you feel different or out of place but trust me – the only people that will notice will be the ones who have a similar issue. That’s THEIR stuff – not yours. Remember, you have a commitment to go to bed and wake up loving and honoring yourself for keeping your commitment – and only YOU can give that to yourself.

TOGETHER – we got this 🙂

Loving respect to you all,

Nichole Rae

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