Weight loss after 60! An educator gets more than he expected.

Near the end of this past January (2016) I did an honest self-assessment and was, frankly, alarmed at what I found to be true.  I was over-weight, in pain much of the time, and unable to do the things that … Continue reading

How to Break Your Ski Record at Any Age – how one woman turned back the clock

Nancy Binkley – client & friend of actionwrX Personal Training   Are you feeling like an “old lady”? Is that middle age spread growing around your middle? Are the things you like to do getting more difficult? Do you think those … Continue reading

Computer Neck – What is it and what can you do about it?

In today’s technological world there are millions of people spanning the globe spending an average of 5 – 8 hours a day sitting at a computer – whether it be for work or for play. This scenario seems inescapable and unfortunately … Continue reading

Training to Climb a 14’er

“I read a quote a few days ago that said, “What you can become depends upon what you can overcome.” A year ago I found myself the heaviest and unhealthiest I have ever been; I was miserable. Based on some … Continue reading

At what age is it too late to start an exercise program? – see what Barb has to say

Barb  (right) and her husband Dick (left) As a new year is before us and I just celebrated another birthday, I reflect back over the last months, I am amazed. Little did I know exactly what I was embarking on. … Continue reading

Kind, Inspirational & “let’s get er’ done” Colorado Springs Personal Trainer

Nichole is a very kind, gentle, inspirational but also a let’s get it done type of trainer. And she delivers! When working with her you begin to see and feel results within a couple of weeks. She understands that clients … Continue reading

The Best Personal Trainer in Colorado Springs!

Kind and Supportive Personal Trainer I had been suffering with low back pain off and on for years. More recently I developed thoracic outlet syndrome, which has caused pain in my shoulder blade area and arm. My massage therapist suggested … Continue reading

My Knee Pain is Gone! – you can get your life back

Hi everybody!  My name is Katrina, I am only 32 years old and I’ve had double, partial knee replacements. When I opted to have the surgery I had high hopes that it would relieve me of my excruciating knee pain, … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to LOVE actionwrX!

Laurel Justice – Professional Psychologist   10. There is no shame involved.  (No 20-year-old shouting at me with a Madonna-mic on from the front of an aerobics class at the gym!) 9. There is a community to grow and share progress … Continue reading

I am 64 and just started working out!

Nichole is such an inspiration! The first thing that I experienced when I met her was her great loving heart. I believe it is the thing that attracts all of us to her…this heart full of love. She wants to help those … Continue reading