Nichole Rae, dba actionwrX, L.L.C., conducts business out of Physique Etc. This is a private, for “clients only”, personal training studio conveniently located on the southern edge of Downtown Colorado Springs at 29 W. Cimarron St., the basement of the Warehouse Restaurant, Suite #1, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

The basement of the Warehouse Restaurant is a 5000 sq. foot, century-old setting in which the original stone walls were preserved providing a comfortable, classy ambiance. The owners Geof and Amy Suits pride themselves in maintaining a first-class experience for everyone. The studio supplies water, hand towels and two bathrooms (one with a shower and bath towels) thus ensuring that everyone has the amenities they need to get their workout done and get on with their day. Sports drinks and protein bars are also available for sale.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and includes everything from free-weights, to TRX, kettle bells, medicine balls, Olympic lifting platforms and heavy bag (boxing) equipment. Also, in the facility is a treadmill, a spin bike, a recumbent bike, two cross-training elliptical machines and mats for stretching and additional abdominal work. We also have a massage room where Nichole Rae performs her Fascial Stretch Therapy.

There is elevator access for those who are not able to use the short, dual flight of stairs. Please request this prior to your session should you need it.