What is Personal Fitness Coaching

Personal Fitness Coaching is a cost-effective, efficient alternative to personal training & can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Coach Rae offers ongoing coaching, as well as, one-time custom workout programs and nutrition programs. To decide which is a better fit for you please read on. 

What Coaching is NOT

Coaching is NOT personal training. In today’s “health & fitness” industry anyone can become a personal trainer. Certifications are inexpensive and highly accessible. Just because someone carries around a clip board, knows how to set up machines and calls themselves a “personal trainer” DOES NOT make them a good coach. Coaching is much deeper than that. A coach has walked their talk (and continues to) and is experienced in all aspects of helping clients achieve long term success. They must understand the mental~emotional~physical connection and be able to guide someone through and around the pitfalls of sabotage. 

How Coaching Works

  • Coaching provides ongoing tailored exercise and nutrition programs – no cookie cutter diet or workout approaches. Each program is alive and meets the needs of the client – not the needs of the coach. 
  • Clients receive new workout programs and nutrition guidance as their needs change, as well as, unlimited access to Coach Rae via email. 
  • Clients are continually guided towards success and away from old sabotaging mindsets and behaviors.
  • Coaching does not require an appointment – rather the trainee and Coach Rae connect via email. 
  • Coaching promotes personal responsibility and teaches the client how to achieve permanent lifestyle changes. 
  • If you don’t have any issues with staying on track and achieving results then you may choose the one-time custom program options.

How Much Coaching Costs

The first month is $500. This is a one-time investment. This covers your preliminary assessment and your initial Custom Workout and Nutrition Program. Ongoing monthly cost is $100. Each client receives new workout programs and nutrition guidance as their needs change. One-time Custom Program prices are listed below. 

How does Personal Fitness Coaching’s “hands-off” approach work?

Not having someone right by their side guiding them through exercises is one the biggest concerns for new trainees, and rightfully so; however, with the right education about exercise principles and some simple instructions anyone can execute a good workout on their own. 

The fitness industry likes to plant fear in the hearts of our society to make more money by telling people they can’t fathomably follow a program on their own. Hence why the cost of personal training just goes up and up (and believe me the trainers aren’t getting any better)! It doesn’t have to be like this though. 

Coach Rae believes that when armed with an understanding of “what, why and how” to execute the right exercise program ~ anyone can achieve success. When “understanding” is present then so much of the fear falls away.

Also, the issue isn’t only the risk of doing an exercise wrong – but instead the fact that most trainees have been coached to progress too quickly – or they see others doing it and they follow suit assuming that the “skinny girl” or the “buff guy” must know what they’re doing! Wrong.

Learning proper form and technique isn’t rocket science and when the program is written according to the trainees true fitness level there is rarely an issue with a risk of injury or not getting the benefit from the exercise. Coach Rae uses her exercise video library , as well as, other video links to ensure the client knows how to execute the movement safely & effectively. 

Is Personal Fitness Coaching right for you?

Well….only you can decide that, but here are some truths.

No two clients are ever the same, so why should their approach to good whole-health be the same?

Every year millions of people innocently jump into “fad” diet and exercise programs only to fall back to previous self-sabotage. Innocently because the truth is that this phenomenon is not completely the individuals fault. The fitness industry is a 60 + billion-dollar-a-year industry for a reason. None of that stuff works; however, the money invested by these large corporations (including the food industry) to create an illusion that their diet or gimmick will fix a person’s weight problem is significant. They go to tremendous lengths to sell you their product or service using before and after photos, and so on and so on.

If these gimmicks were set up to help people succeed then the fitness industry wouldn’t be a 60 + billion-dollar-a-year business. They are preying on peoples’ fears and hopes – and they literally bank on their inevitable failure. They know all of these “fad” programs are not sustainable, nor do their programs get down to the root cause of WHY a person is challenged to begin with. Health is NOT their motive – money is!

A long-term-success mindset is required for sustainable good health. To accomplish this all facets of a person’s lifestyle and metabolic environment must be considered. Coach Rae does an extensive assessment to evaluate all areas of your life and body and will continually monitor your progress and make the appropriate changes.

So, is Personal Fitness Coaching right for you? Again, only you can decide; however, if anything above rang a bell, if you’ve tried multiple times to lose weight only to regain it and then some, if you want to save yourself some money and train on your own, if you’re frustrated with your lack of progress or if you just want someone to help you shorten your learning curve – then I say yes, a coach would be a good investment.

Is Coach Rae a good fit for you?

Nichole Rae, a premier Personal Fitness Coach in the health industry, is a native of Northwest Arkansas, currently residing in Colorado Springs, CO. She is a 42 year-old certified personal trainer and fascial stretch therapist who has over 17 years of immersed study and application in the fields of fitness, nutrition and personal development. Nichole has lost more than 120 pounds and maintained that loss since 2010. This accomplishment accompanies a tremendous story of overcoming multiple additions.

Combining over 17 years of intense immersion in the fitness industry and her triumph over substance abuse & obesity, Coach Rae now guides others towards a healthy balance of mental, emotional and physical wellness. To accomplish this she works extensively with proper mind-set, nutrition education & appropriate exercise program selection.

Nichole’s approach to health has been referred to as compassionate, motivational and inspiring. Learn more about Nichole here.

“I believe that exercise and nutrition programs should be alive – breathing, moving and changing to meet the client’s needs-state at any given time along their journey.” Coach Nichole Rae

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